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The Footprints of Jesus

Sand Proclaims the glory of God

The Miracle of Sand

Somebody typed these words into a search engine a few days ago, “Jesus, help me find a church in San Antonio.” Then they clicked on our church’s website. For the less tech savvy people out there, you might be surprised over how much information is passed along whenever you search online.

In any case, I was overjoyed that Google sent this person to our church webpage. I often pray that the Lord will send us hurting people who are searching for a loving community. Then I began wondering, “Can God uses Google’s algorithms to guide a person’s journey to the cross?” The answer arrived almost immediately in my spirit, “Yes!”

I believe that God numbers the hairs of our head each day, and long-ago fashioned every grain of sand in the sea. There’s a tremendous irony here. The silicon wafers that build our computer processors are made from basic molecules found in common grains of sand. In fact, silicon “sand” makes up 25% of the earth’s crust. The information age, computers, and even Google itself would have never arrived in our generation without sand.

So God made the sand that was fashioned into silicon wafers, that forms our computer processors, that enabled computer networking, that led to computer farms, cloud computing, and finally Google. Truly, God has left His footprints in the silicon. I hope she comes to our church. I’m also praying she will see the bigger picture.

Think about it.

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