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Calling to Vocational Ministry

Vocational Ministry

How does someone know if they're called into vocational ministry? Here's the story of my journey. Read More.

Lonely, Pt. 1

Lonely Icon 02

Struggling With Loneliness

Everyone struggles with loneliness from time to time. Some seasons are more lonely than others. If loneliness has overtaken your life, there is help. Read More.

Lonely, Pt. 2

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Loneliness And Pain

Loneliness feeds on itself and often leads to withdrawal from those who really care. If you are hiding, you are hurting. Hurting people, hurt people. Read More.

Lonely, Pt. 3

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The Solution To Loneliness

The solution to loneliness takes courage. Take a bold step in the direction of other hurting people. Pour your life into them and watch what happens. Read More.

Aviation & Theology

The Bible and Aviation

On Wings as Eagles

You can learn a lot about the Bible from simple things like: How airplanes fly and crash. Read More.

Passion for Jesus Christ

Passion for Jesus Christ

Got Passion!

Chances are, you know someone who's passionate about Jesus Christ. Are you feelin' it too?. Read More.


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