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Deb Haggerty’s Review: “Who Killed My Church?”

Deb Haggerty's Review of Who Killed My Church Pete Blackman was frustrated. His wife, Monica, was hurt and angry. Green Street Baptist was not a good place to work—full of contention and controversy. As he drove into the parking lot on his way to a church board meeting, Pete tried to figure out what to do.

To his surprise, one of his parishioners, Frank Sanders, was standing there in the cold waiting for him. Frank told Pete that the meeting had started an hour earlier—that they wanted a drastic change. Thankful for the heads-up, Pete headed to his office before entering the meeting, wondering if he indeed was the problem.

Then he remembered—he’d been at a church growth conference about two years before and remembered one of the speakers who’d seemed to be describing Pete’s church. Rummaging through the desk, he found the business card stuck to the back of a Post-It note. Marcus Cunningham—that was the consultant’s name. Grabbing his Bible, Pete stuck the card inside and headed off to the meeting.

So starts the saga of Green Street Baptist. After getting pummeled in the meeting, Pete remembers the card, thinks back through the past few years, hears clearly in his mind Marcus Cunningham’s speech, and says to the board, “Gentlemen, let me tell you a story.”

I had the privilege of being the editor for this book, and I do mean privilege. Green Street could be any church, any denomination, any place. The problems and situations described in the story are only too common. James Shupp, however, has written this story with believable characters and situations. You will be rooting for Pete and Monica and Marcus and the others as they go on a journey to rediscover what once made Green Street great.

Who Killed My Church? should be required reading for every pastor, every church staff member, every church board, and recommended strongly to the laity within. Although fiction, Who Killed My Church? lays out concrete methods for revitalizing a church as well as descriptions of how churches lose their way in the first place.

In today’s society, more important than ever is that our churches be strong, with parishioners energized and seeking to draw in and provide the environment where the lost can be drawn to the one true solution, Jesus Christ. Five stars!

Buy this book. Read the book yourself, then buy another for your pastor or give him/her your copy. Who Killed My Church? will change the way you view church—you’ll never quite see church the same again.

Five stars! Purchase here.

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“Who Killed My Church?” Published

So excited that Who Killed My Church? is finally published. Here’s the blurb on the back cover.

An emotionally frail pastor’s wife pleads with her husband to find a new career. A burned-out pastor is about to face a forced resignation. A struggling church is nearing the end of its lifecycle. All too often, these scenarios end in broken hearts lying beneath piles of rubble. What if a miracle occurred instead? Who Killed My Church? opens a stained-glass window into the realities of what happens inside houses of worship all across America, perhaps even in your own. Take an emotional journey with some gutsy people who believe that the aging bride of Christ has not lost her beauty. Their journey will inspire you. What they do, however, may challenge you to go and do likewise.
Read the Endorsements.

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Final Book Cover Design

Who Killed My Church by R James Shupp The graphic arts team at Elk Lake Publishing has designed a book cover for “Who Killed My Church?” The picture in the background features a ruined church that has obviously seen its better days. The first time that Cherry looked at the design, she said, “I really like that. It creates intrigue and mystery.” One of her favorite authors is Charles Todd who writes murder mysteries. She continued, “This reminds me of his book covers.” With that comment, the decision was settled. We are both excited to see the realization of a dream coming true.

Two years ago the Lord challenged us in a big way to take huge risks, walk by faith, and build up the body of Christ. Each day has been a step in that direction, sometimes stumbling forward, but always with joy.

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